AIForged Dynamic and Flexible Process Flow

With leading features and processes, AIForged not only improves your operational efficiency, data hygiene, and risk but also provides a dynamic and flexible workflow.

1. Email and Document Processing

AIForged can retrieve emails and documents from mailboxes or file shares and processes before storing the content and attachments to be ready for the next step.

2. Document Classification

Each email and document is inspected and classified e.g., invoices, contracts, pay slips, etc.

AIForged can refer to a human for assistance in the case of unexpected outcomes – this is referred to as Human-in-the-Loop (HITL).

3. Document Extraction

AIForged recognises and extracts the data from each page using out-of-the-box or custom document models. All document types, including handwritten documents, photos, or screenshots are supported.

4. Validation Rules Engine Processing

AIForged has an advanced universal rules engine that evaluates, tests, and transforms extracted results using defined criteria.  Pre-built validation and custom business rules can be configured to your project at the field level. Exceptions are routed to the Human-in-the-Loop workflow.

This rules engine ensures data integrity.

5. Integration

AIForged can be fully integrated and controlled by third-party applications or solutions such as RPA, BPM, ERP, etc. through an API or SDK layer.  Included for RPA purposes we have UIPath Activities and Microsoft’s Power Platform Connectors available.

Human In The Loop

Human-in-the-Loop exists to help you manage escalations. 

Possible interventions include value adjustments through to more complex model training.

Models then become more intelligent through learning via the human feedback loop.

Explore the AIForged Platform

Explore the features that make AIForged PaaS a leader in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). 

AIForged aggregates world-leading technologies and services that can be combined on a single document type.


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