Introducing the AIForged Platform


Never be locked in or restricted by technology. The AIForged platform seamlessly integrates multiple services into a single point from industry-leading AI services – Microsoft, Google, Amazon, ABBYY, and the list keeps growing, giving you the ability to use these services in tandem for optimum results.

Decide which tool works best for you. Mix and match and stack the different services from the world’s leading providers.


Once again with flexibility being key, AIForged offers many ways to transform and integrate your extracted data.

Available options include SDKs, APIs, Xlsx and CSV files, 3rd party adaptors such as Microsoft’s Power Platform Connectors and UIPath Activities.


Many of the current solution offerings do not address the full Document Processing Lifecycle and fall short when faced with complex formats, layouts, and rules.

AIForged has the highest standard of security (audit trails and authorisation) to ensure information privacy and protection.

AIForged keeps detailed audit trails, tracking every single event and transaction, traceable to the source.

Get insights into your unstructured data by using the AIForged data extraction module that returns structured data to report on and improve business efficiencies.

Layout Training

AIForged gives the user the ability to use pre-trained models for common document types.

For unique document types, the user will train a custom layout model to recognise and extract data where there are specific or non-standard requirements.

The models then become more intelligent through learning via the human feedback loop.

Explore our Process Flow

With leading features and processes, AIForged not only improves your operational efficiency, data hygiene, and risk but also provides a dynamic and flexible workflow.


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