Bridging the gap between
structured and unstructured data.

A ground-breaking Platform with the world’s most powerful document AI services in a single point of access.

Technology Partners

The AIForged platform seamlessly integrates multiple services into a single model from
industry-leading AI services like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, ABBYY,
giving you the ability to use these services in tandem for optimum results.

Drive efficiency with Intelligent Document Processing

AIForged Intelligent Document Processing enable businesses to
increase their output, with greater accuracy, greater speed
at a lower cost.

Best of breed for end-to-end intelligent document automation

AIForged ticks all the boxes with what you need to intelligently automate your document processing by classifying, separating, extracting, validating, enriching, transforming and error free capturing of your data.

Explore the AIForged Platform

Explore the features that make AIForged PaaS a leader in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

AIForged aggregates world-leading technologies and services that can be combined on a single document type.

Explore our Process Flow

With leading features and processes, AIForged not only improves your operational efficiency, data hygiene and risk, but also provides a dynamic and flexible workflow.

Common Intelligent Document Processing Use Cases

AIForged is ready to automate all your document needs, reduce errors and increase your efficiency.

Finance & Accounting

Automate accounts payable and
receivable. Increase efficiency
and reduce errors

Healthcare Industry

Automate R&D, patient outboarding,
records, surveys and
claims documents


Automate contracts, forms, claims,
bill of lading and three-way
PO matching

Human Resources

Automate employee onboarding, resume screening, applications processing, and benefits management

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Schedule some time with one of our consultants if you’d like to see
how AIForged can help automate your business.

Become A Partner

Become a distribution and implementation partner and get access to this world-class software solution.
Classify, extract, validate and verify data from any source automatically.
AIForged will drive your automation offering
with customers to the next level.


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